Let us thank medical workers and send 100 of them on a dream trip! COVID-19 is a global crisis and the front line workers are going through hell.

To get the affected patients through, medical workers around the world are doing an outstanding job - both mentally as well as physically. They are exhausted, tired and at high risk. Yet they do not give up. They fight endlessly for their patients to feel better and to make it through alive.

We as a global community have the responsibility to thank these amazing angels. Without them COVID-19 could not be overcome.

Let us all help together and raise enough funds so we can offer the most amazing trip for 100 selected medical staff from all over the world so they for once can be the recipients of some good. And you are the ones to nominate who can go!

We are a travel agency that is heavily affected by corona ourselves but we want to help, show our commitment and offer a real positive impact to the medical workers of the world. Together with the entire team, we have created a special COVID-19 MEDICAL STAFF THANK YOU TOUR to the stunning country of Mongolia. We will not make any profit with this, that goes without saying. We just want to create an amazing thank you campaign for them.

For one week, 100 medical staff will be taken through one of the most beautiful countries in the world, meeting the Nomads, visiting an eagle hunter, stying in traditional gher tents and experiencing a truly unique culture. All costs for economy class flights, accommodation, F&B as well as a specifically curated, unforgettable program will be covered.

Please help us make this happen for them. This is such a great opportunity to show that we care and respect them for the amazing work they do.

To give you the opportunity to thank someone you are particularly thankful to, we invite you to nominate your preferred "COVID-19 MEDICAL STAFF". We are in the middle of setting up the website, please for the time being just email us your recommendations at

We need:
- full name of the nominated person
- profession (e.g. nurse, medical doctor)
- country
- hospital/ institution/practice they work for
- the story why this particular person should be chosen to go on this tour
- ideally a photo


PS: if we raise more funds, more people will be able to go :-)

Click this link to donate:

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