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Sonnenkind awarded "Most Inspirational Branding & Marketing Thought Leader 2020"

APAC Insider Magazine Announces the 2020 Singapore Business Award Winners

United Kingdom, 2020- APAC Insider Magazine has announced winners of the 2020 Singapore Business Awards.

Singapore continues to be an impressive business hub in the Asia Pacific, delivering innovative solutions, best in class services, and next generation products across worldwide markets. Boasting one of the most advanced economies in the region – an achievement that surely belies its size – Singapore remains a leading light on the global business landscape, offering a haven for creativity and excellence to thrive.

APAC Insider Magazine launched the Singapore Business Awards to recognise the businesses and individuals who truly represent Singapore’s entrepreneurial spirit and embrace its pursuit of perfection.

We are proud to announce that Sonnenkind Pte Ltd have been awarded "Most Inspirational Branding & Marketing Thought Leader 2020” and express our congratulations to CEO Sonja Piontek and the entire team.

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