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We will get through this. Together with you. For you. Check out our amazing offers at 25% discount with absolutely zero risk!


The tourism industry has been hit massively by COVID-19. We are no exception, the first half of 2020, Sonnenkind will have to survive on zero revenue. What a contrast to 2019 – which was a record year with incredible growth, international awards, vast press coverage and amazing tours for corporate and private clients from all over the world.

But we do not want to complain. We are positive, carefully optimistic and we are here! Rather then letting go of any of our team members we have committed to keep them all and have even employed a new Social Media Manager this month!

We trust that we can get through this. Together with you! For you!

The first requests for the second half of the year are starting to come in. People are desperate to travel. Desperate to experience something beautiful after all this misery.

In order to best serve you but also simply to survive we have put together some highly attractive COVID-19 OFFERS with an unprecedented 25% discount at absolutely zero risk. If the tours cannot take place, you will not have to pay.

Only limited numbers of slots are available so better be quick and treat your families to something you and they so deserve!

Thanks for your incredible support.

Together we will get through this.

Together we will thrive.

Sonja Piontek
Founder & CEO

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