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Kirgis girl - Lake Tashkurgan - Karakorum


SONNENKIND is all about creating unforgettable experiences for private and corporate clients. Our mission is to inspire, to awe and to deliver money-can’t-buy experiences that truly touch people's heart. 


Have you ever flown a helicopter into the sunset over the Southern Alps? Had a private oyster and champagne reception on a secluded beach? Ever looked a lion straight into the eyes or cantered your horse alongside a herd of wild giraffes? Have you ever stayed overnight in a historic prison cell or driven your 4x4 through the impressive desert dunes? The bespoke travel experiences SONNENKIND creates for you will certainly leave you impressed! Our aim is to offer the most memorable moments and show you parts and sides of this beautiful world that you haven’t experienced before. Let’s have a chat and see what we can do for you!


An event does not have to happen in a ballroom. Neither does it have to be done in the established way. Years of experience have shown us that the best way to touch your guests's heart, to impress them and to bind them to your brand is by surprising them, by offering them something they have not done before, something they truly did not expect. That’s why our guests keep telling us that ’they had never been to a more amazing event’, ‘were completely surprised and amazed’. Talk to us and let SONNENKIND inspire you!


You want your brand to stand out? You want to be truly successful? And you want to turn your customers into fans? It can be done and we are here to support you in this quest. But one thing needs to be clear. Real brand building does not happen through an advertising campaign or in the digital world! In todays world experiences are the new currency! Let’s have a chat, we can help you properly and sustainably build your brand.


SONNENKIND is run by award winning marketeer and leading brand consultant Sonja Piontek. The visionary German leader has years of international experience in senior management roles at BMW. Sonja left the corporate world to set up SONNENKIND early 2018. She is well know for developing international ‘best practice’ campaigns with impressive KPIs that were adopted internationally. She is passionate about creating experiences, inspiring people, building brands and travelling the world. Sonja has lived in six countries, speaks five languages and can be considered a true citizen of the world. The word SONNENKIND is German and basically means ‘child of the sun’. It is the nickname Sonja’s father gave her as a little girl, a nickname that has heavily influenced her life. 

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