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Sonnenkind is your trusted agency for unforgettable & meaningful travel experiences.

Awarded the "Most Inspirational Branding & Marketing Thought Leader 2020", the boutique agency with offices in Singapore and Munich is regularly featured in international business and travel publications


Sonnenkind's mission is to inspire and to deliver money-can’t-buy experiences that truly touch people's hearts and help clients gain new perspectives.

Sonnenkind's most popular offers are:

  • Incentive & brand building trips for multinationals like LandRover, Leica or Lamborghini

  • Exclusive VIP trips for HNWI

  • Impactful learning journeys for CEOs

  • Coaching tours to deeply inspiring destinations

"At Sonnenkind we don't just arrange tours.

We create unforgettable & meaningful experiences!"

Sonja Piontek, CEO


COVID-19 has a massive effect on your life and your ability to travel. But rest assured, you are not alone. We at Sonnenkind are dedicated to create amazing travel experiences for you despite - or rather because of - the current COVID-19 situation.


Simply because you deserve it!


The best testimonial for any brand are the your clients. 


Sonnenkind is therefore extremely proud to call some of the world's most prestigious brands our customers - such as Leica Camera, LandRoverLamborghini, Porsche or the LHW Group.

With years of in depth experience in the the NZ market, Sonnenkind is also one of the selected, official partners of Tourism New Zealand.

We also regularly create exclusive VIP tours for global business leaders.