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Sonnenkind is your trusted agency for unforgettable & meaningful travel experiences.

Awarded the "Most Inspirational Branding & Marketing Thought Leader 2020", the boutique agency with offices in Singapore and Munich is regularly featured in international business and travel publications


Sonnenkind's mission is to inspire and to deliver money-can’t-buy experiences that truly touch people's hearts and help clients gain new perspectives.

Sonnenkind's most popular offers are:

  • Incentive & brand building trips for multinationals like LandRover, Leica or Lamborghini

  • Exclusive VIP trips for HNWI

  • Impactful learning journeys for CEOs

  • Coaching tours to deeply inspiring destinations

"At Sonnenkind we don't just arrange tours.

We create unforgettable & meaningful experiences!"

Sonja Piontek, CEO


COVID-19 has a massive effect on your life and your ability to travel. But rest assured, you are not alone. We at Sonnenkind are dedicated to create amazing travel experiences for you despite - or rather because of - the current COVID-19 situation.


Simply because you deserve it!


The best testimonial for any brand are the your clients. 


Sonnenkind is therefore extremely proud to call some of the world's most prestigious brands our customers - such as Leica Camera, LandRoverLamborghini, Porsche or the LHW Group.

With years of in depth experience in the the NZ market, Sonnenkind is also one of the selected, official partners of Tourism New Zealand.

We also regularly create exclusive VIP tours for global business leaders.





CEO Jaguar LandRover AsiaPac

Sonnenkind have done an outstanding job creating the “Above & Beyond” off-road drive event in NZ for our regional VIP clients.

I can highly recommend Sonnenkind.



Entrepreneur and Investor

My wife and I have been on two corporate tours organised by Sonnenkind - one to Namibia and one to New Zealand. 

Sonja understands like no other to create amazing journeys - the best!



Investment Banker


The tour to Germany was the best trip I have taken with my family. So much attention to detail and many unexpected experiences. 

We are already looking forward to our next trip with Sonnenkind. 

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 11.14.33 AM.png


CEO Hoffman Institut Germany

In Sonnenkind we have found the perfect partner for our new format, the Hoffman Learning Journeys


a beautiful combination of unique tours with inspiring coaching. 


Why see when you can feel with all your senses?

Why "drop by" when you can have a unique look behind the scenes?

Why do what everyone else does when a universe of opportunities awaits you?


SONNENKIND experiences are always one step beyond what you’d expect. They are unique and one-of-a-kind. Surprising and unforgettable. True bucket-list-material!


That's what our clients love about our work - that's why they keep coming back. 

Find out more about our bespoke experiences and let us create amazing memories for your - especially during these challenging times!

Here are some of the unforgettable experiences we created for our international clients: 

  • New Zealand – Off-Road tour for 50 Land Rover VIP clients  and press across mainly private land we have special access to (see video below)

  • Mongolia – Incentive trip for 50 VIP clients of Cycle & Carriage with in depth meetings of the Nomads, visit of an eagle hunter and a horsemanship display with 200 wild horses

  • Europe – Xmas Spirit photography tour for Leica Camera photographers through four countries across winter wonderland

  • Namibia – Safari of a Lifetime for Leica Camera customers visiting the local tribes and driving through the Namib Desert in 4x4

  • Nepal – Incentive trip for 50 VIP clients of Cycle & Carriage

  • Switzerland – Winter Wonderland tour for LHW customers

  • Germany – Learning Journey for Asian CXOs & business owners visiting top German brands and learning from number one German business leaders

  • New Zealand – Luxury lodge hopping experience for eight HNWI friends

  • Philippines – Strategy Workshop for regional Start Up with underwater photography session



SONNENKIND is all about creating unforgettable experiences for private and corporate clients. Our mission is to inspire, to awe and to deliver money-can’t-buy experiences that truly touch people's hearts. 

SONNENKIND is run by award winning marketer and thought leader Sonja Piontek. The visionary German leader has years of international experience in senior management roles at BMW globally. Sonja left the corporate world to set up SONNENKIND early 2018. She is well known for developing international ‘best practice’ campaigns with impressive KPIs that were adopted world wide. She is passionate about creating experiences, inspiring people, building brands and travelling the world. Sonja has lived in six countries, speaks five languages and can be considered a true citizen of the world.


The word SONNENKIND is German and basically means ‘child of the sun’. It is the nickname Sonja’s father gave her as a little girl, a nickname that has heavily influenced her life. 


Let us say it as it is... we are extremely happy about the great media coverage we get internationally!

For details and the full articles please visit our media section

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