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The Bushmen and the Himba are arguably Namibia’s most unique tribes. To spend several days with them was an unforgettable treat.

Tête à Tête with the Bushmen, the Himba and the Big Five

When Kevin approached us re his planned trip to Namibia, we all knew instantly that the right partners had met. Being the author or “Nomadic Mindset”, Kevin clearly wanted a totally unique experience. He didn’t just want to visit the tribes, he wanted to properly get to know them and gain deep insights from them.

Over the following weeks the team at Sonnenkind made the impossible possible and arranged the most amazing, authentic Nomadic Encounter tour for this special client. Getting access to the villages and being allowed to spend several days with the tribes is something rather unique. But that’s what our clients love us for….we arrange things that you cannot normally book.

These are some of the highlights Sonnenkind specially arranged for this unique tour:

  • Exclusive several day encounter with the Bushmen in their village

  • Exclusive several day encounter with the Himba in their kraal

  • Unique itinerary and special access to the real, authentic villages of the tribes, access to the chiefs as well as the villagers

  • Experienced local guide, well versed in the tribal histories

  • Safari drive and overnight stay inside the world famous Etosha National Park

  • Award winning travel photographer accompanying the tour

  • Accommodation in the countries most beautiful safari lodges

If this sounds appealing to you then please do get in touch. Sonnenkind is known to create unforgettable experiences for our HNWI as well as our corporate clients.

We are happy to develop your very own, tailor made experience for you, your family and your friends.

Please contact us on:

Photo credit: Carolyn Strover Photography


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