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Join this unique dental tour experience to the stunning island of Sicily and spend an unforgettable time with likeminded dental professionals and their partners.

- Presented by Ultradent Products -

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18-23 Oct 2024



Welcome to this year's Ultradent Dental Experience Tour and the breathtaking island of Sicily!

The Ultradent Experience Sicily is a unique combination of powerful dental lectures by leading global lecturers and an unforgettable travel experience to the magnificent Southern Italian island of 'Sicilia'.

During the exclusive six-day program you will experience true Sicilian hospitality, get to know the beauty of historic Palermo, visit the famous salt mines of Marsala, dive deep into the Italian 'Dolce Vita' and explore what life on this magnificent mediterranean island is like.


This tour is so much more than a dental training tour...

  • It is a powerful platform to connect with likeminded dentists from all over the world!

  • It is an unforgettable trip you can take with your partner and friends!

  • It is a wonderful time to unwind from everyday stress!

  • It is unique, impactful, unforgettable!


Die Coaching Retreat Reise in die Weite der Mongolei ist die perfekte Kombination aus unvergesslichen Erlebnissen, tiefen kulturellen Einblicken, atemberaubender landschaftlicher Schönheit und wirkungsvollem Coaching.

Hier geht es um dich und dein Leben!


Du wirst…


...dich auf eine Reise der Inspiration und Transformation begeben.

...Klarheit darüber erlangen, was dich wirklich glücklich macht und wie du dies erreichst.

...lernen, dir mit einfachen Schritten ein leichteres, zufriedeneres und erfolgreicheres Leben aufzubauen.

...die gegebenenfalls vorhandenen Sorgen und die Schwere des Alltags schrittweise verringern.

...realisieren, dass du Flügel hast und lernen, wie du diese ausbreiten kannst.


Needless to say that it all started over a discussion of food! 

We were in the Alps with a group of international dentists - looking at the silhouette of the Dolomite Mountains and enjoying the first ever Ultradent Experience Tour.


Everyone loved the bespoke program, the powerful lectures, the amazing location, the deep connection and beautiful exchange between the participants. People started asking when and where the next one would be. 

At that point, the next Ultradent Experience was already confirmed for end of 2023 in South Africa (another mindblowing experience by the way) and many of the original participants were able to join.

With Cape Town set, it came to defining the destination for 2024.


One of the guests - Italian born Carlo - was pretty clear: 

"The best food is in Italy so we should go to Sicily!" 

Hard to argue with an Italian. 

Hard to not love the idea of going to Sicily. 

Hard to say that this was not simply a brilliant idea. 

So here we are, happy to announce that the Ultradent Dental Experience 2024 will be take us to the beautiful island of Sicily!

Dental Lecturs


We are proud to announce that three leading international lecturers are going to join us for the lectures during this Ultradent Dental Experience:

  • Dr. Ana Cecilia Aranha

  • Dr. Rafael Beolchi

  • Dr. José Gabriel Martínez

The lectures have been created in a way to best support you in your dental practice, featuring latest trends and important techniques in modern dentistry. The lectures will run from 8:00-14:00 on the 19 & 20 October. They will take place at our event hotel (Città del Mare). In case you bring your partner, family or friend(s), they are able to enjoy the hotel as well as the beautiful surrounding during the time of the lectures. Breakfast and lunch can be taken together. The afternoon and evening program will take place as a joint experience.


  • Dr. José Gabriel Martínez - Composite restorations in the posterior sector, from single tooth to large rehabilitations: 3-D printed solutions for the digital era

  • Dr. Rafael Beolchi - Dental whitening: fundamental knowledge on how to treat even the most complex cases



  • Dr. Rafael Beolchi - Aesthetics with simplicity: how new technologies can help us with composite color blending

  • Dr. Ana Cecilia Aranha - Incorporating laser dentistry into your daily practice




Dr. Rafael Beolchi majored in Dentistry from the

University of São Paulo, Brazil, in the year 2000. He has maintained a private practice since 2001, working mainly in aesthetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation. In 2009 he received his Master's degree on Biomaterials from the Institute of Energetic and Nuclear Research, from the same University. He teaches around the world, focusing on advanced handling of dental materials

with an easy step-by-step approach that simplifies the procedure and has presented several lectures and workshops addressing those topics in North, Central & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, in more than 60 countries. Dr. Beolchi is currently based in Portugal, where he finished his second Master’s degree, in Dental Medicine, working as a dentist and as consultant for aesthetic products and materials for the Dental industry, applying his clinical and scientific knowledge in the development of new and better dental products. He is the author of several articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English, about the topics of direct placed aesthetic restorations and lightcuring, topics on which he still maintains his activity as a researcher until today. He also the author of book chapters on the same fields and collaborates on studies with several other institutions around the world.


Dental Whitening: Fundamental knowledge on how to treat even the most complex cases


Besides from being a very popular aesthetic procedure, tooth whitening is a powerful ally in restorative dentistry. The abundance of whitening systems available in the market today prove that there are lots of demands generated by consumers on how to get their teeth whitened. Today, there are hundreds of products that all claim to produce whiter teeth in a very short time. But results can range from impressive to disappointing, or even non-existent. So how do you make sure that the bleaching treatment you provide works for every patient? Tooth whitening is a relatively young technique in Dentistry, so it is not unusual to get confused amongst so many techniques and materials. This subject will be thoroughly dissected, so to give both young and seasoned dentists alike an excellent approach to the topic. The main causes of tooth discoloration will be addressed, and more than that, the various whitening techniques and also how to prevent the occurrence of sensitivity in certain situations.


Aesthetics with Simplicity: how new technologies can help us with composite color blending.



Knowing which class of composites should be used in each specific clinical situations is paramount for the success of aesthetic direct restorations. In this lecture we will talk about the clinical requirements and present new technologies that are available to simplify this important clinical challenge. 


IMG_9890 2_edited.jpg



  • Graduated in Dentistry (University of Campinas - FOP/UNICAMP), Master’s

  • Degree in Restorative Dentistry (University of Campinas FOP/UNICAMP) PhD

  • Degree in Restorative Dentistry (University of São Paulo FOUSP) with a scientific

  • Internship at the University of Aachen (Germany)

  • Associate Professor at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo (FOUSP) 2005 to 2023

  • Professor of the graduate course in the Restorative Dentistry and Laser programs

  • Coordinator of the Laser Qualification / Habilitation Course of the São Leopoldo

  • Mandic Institution/São Paulo

  • Reviewer of national and international journals

  • 120 publications in national and international Scientific Journals

  • Author of 2 books (Guide for laser irradiation and Individualized prescription of toothpastes from Santos Publications) and 15 book


Incorporating Laser dentistry into your daily practice


This comprehensive lecture offers attendees a meticulously exploration of the applications of laser dentistry, providing insights into the multifaceted clinical applications of advanced laser technologies.Through case studies participants will gain insights into the transformative potential of utilizing high-power diode lasers in various dental procedures.


The versatility of this technology offers a spectrum of benefits, including precise tissue incision with reduced post-operative discomfort and accelerated healing times. Emphasizing the advantages of targeted energy delivery and minimal thermal damage, attendees will discover how integrating high power diode lasers into clinical practice enhances treatment outcomes while optimizing patient comfort and satisfaction.Through an immersive examination of authentic clinical scenarios, participants will gain invaluable scientific insights, enabling them to seamlessly integrate laser dentistry and photobiomodulation into their clinical practices with precision and efficacy.


By the end, attendees will have grasped treatment mechanisms, varied laser applications, updated theoretical knowledge, clinical indications, equipment settings' significance, accurate application techniques, and science-based practices for enhanced decision-making in laser dentistry.

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  • 2006 Dentist. Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2008 Postgraduate program in Oral Surgery, Universidad de Carabobo. Fundación Vicente Toledo, Venezuela

  • 2015 Official Máster in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya)

  • 2015 Master in dental research, UIC

  • 2016 Postgraduate program in dental clinic management

  • Professor Official Máster in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, UIC, since 2016

  • COEC Number. 7380. (Spain dental license)

  • Member of: Society of prosthesis and dental aesthetic of Spain (SEPES)

  • Society of dental conservative and esthetic of Spain. (SEOC)

  • Society of digital dentistry and new technologies of Spain (SOCE)

  • Exclusive dental practice in restorative and aesthetic dentistry


Composite restorations in the posterior sector, from single tooth to large rehabilitations: 3-D printed solutions for the digital era


In this conference I will be talking about the different techniques that exist to be able to perform posterior restorations that range from a tooth to a major rehabilitation, always based on proper planning, where together with our laboratory and with the help of new digital technologies we can offer our patients the best solutions.



Nestled between the glistening Mediterranean Sea, sun-kissed beaches and majestic mountains, Sicily offers a captivating blend of century old culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and captivating landscapes.

La 'dolce vita' is not just a faint philosophy - it is the air one breathes when setting foot on the magnificent Southern Italian island of 'Sicilia'. 


For the Ultradent Dental Experience, we have specifically chosen the area around Palermo as it is known for its rugged beauty, providing a stunning backdrop for inspiration, relaxation and a wonderful time off with a group of likeminded friends.


The Ultradent Dental Experience has been curated in a way to provide you with the best possible blend of powerful dental lectures, deep cultural experiences, amazing food, heaps of fun and time to exchange and make with with likeminded dental professionals from all over the world.

Please do bring your spouses / partners / family and friends along, as the program is developed in such a way, so you can enjoy this unique time on the magnificent island of Sicily together with them. 



  • Arrival at Palermo International Airport (latest by 4pm)

  • Airport pick up and transfer to Hotel Città del Mare 

  • Settle into your rooms and enjoy the magnificent sea views from your private balcony

  • Welcome drinks and meeting with all the other guests that you will be spending the next few days with

  • Welcome dinner in the hotel


  • Breakfast in the hotel

  • Dental lectures I - focus today will be composite restorations (Dr. José Gabriel Martínez) and dental whitening (Dr. Rafael Beolchi)  

  • During the dental lectures, the accompanying partners are welcome to enjoy the hotel facilities, go for a walk in the beautiful coastal area around the hotel or simply relax in the Italian way of 'dolce vita' 

  • Lunch will be taken together in the hotel

  • In the afternoon we will all explore the historic town of Palermo

  • Dinner will be taken in a traditional restaurant in Palermo



  • Breakfast in the hotel

  • Dental lectures II - focus today will be aesthetics with simplicity (Dr. Rafael Beolchi) and the incorporation of laser dentistry in your daily practice (Dr. Ana-Cecilia Aranha)

  • During the dental lectures, the accompanying partners are again free to enjoy the morning in the hotel and surrounding areas

  • Lunch will be taken together in the hotel

  • In the afternoon we will all explore another historic gem of Sicily

  • Dinner will be taken in a beautiful Sicilian restaurant


  • Breakfast in the hotel

  • Today we will go on a full day excursion to the city of Marsala, on the Western coast of Italy 

  • Marsala is best known for its fortified wine of the same name, that is often referred to as the Italian answer to the Portuguese port wine

  • Marsala is also known for the vast salt mine that we will explore together 

  • Dinner will be taken in a local restaurant with a few more surprises to round of this exciting day



  • Breakfast in the hotel 

  • Another full day adventure awaits us 

  • Today, we will explore the historic town of Cefàlu, often referred to as Sicily's most picturesque town

  • Rich in medieval history, impressive Norman architecture, quaint little alleys, mouthwatering gelaterias and an impressive location, today will be a unique experience

  • Dinner will be another unexpected experience in a traditional location where you will be able to learn a lot about the amazing Italian cuisine


  • Today we have to say goodbye to the beautiful island of Sicily and to our new found friends 

  • After a last joint breakfast we will be driven to the Palermo International Airport to catch our flights home

  • We will take with us unforgettable memories, impactful dental insights and learnings, new friendships, heartfelt moments and a ton of photos that capture these unique moments during this year's Ultradent Dental Experience Sicily



Have a look at the video to get an idea of what the first Ultradent Dental Experience was like! This particular one was called 'Exclusive Alps' as we took dentists from all over the world to the most spectacular places in the German, Austrian and Italian Alps.

End of 2023, the Ultradent Dental Experience took us to one of the most spectacular places on this planet - South Africa. We went on a thrilling Safari, visited a local school to help the children learn about dental hygene, we dove deep into the African culture, enjoyed the most amazing food (and wines) and sipped a glass of champagne during a private sundowner on famous Table Mountain! What an unforgettable experience!


  • You want to explore the beautiful island of Sicily

  • You want to learn about the latest trends in dentistry from leading international lecturers

  • You want to spend some unforgettable days with likeminded people 

  • You want to exchange and learn from other dental professionals

  • You want to enjoy some time away from your everyday challenges and chores

  • You simply want to be part of this beautiful family 



  • You do not have any connection to the dental world

  • You don't enjoy exploring new cultures and places

  • You don't want to learn about the latest trends in dentistry 



Included in the tour price

  • Custom developed program to ensure you have the most amazing time during the Ultradent Dental Experience Tour in Sicily

  • Powerful dental lectured lead by top international lecturers Dr. Rafael Beolchi, Dr. Ana-Cecilia Aranha and Dr. José Gabriel Martínez (lectures will run on day 2 and day 3 from 8am - 2pm, during this time accompanying partners can enjoy the beautiful hotel and the surrounding)

  • Accommodation in twin rooms in Hotel Città del Mare with beautiful sea views so you can fully enjoy the spectacular sunsets

  • Full Italian breakfasts, lovely local lunches, sumptuous dinners as well as more than enough snacks in between (special dietary requests like allergies, intolerances, vegetarian, vegan, etc. can of course be catered for 

  • Water during meals

  • All land transportation during the tour

  • Airport shuttles from and to Palermo international (make sure you book your flights to PALERMO, not to Catania!)

  • A personalised certificate of participation in the dental lectures

Not included in the tour price

  • Flight to and from Palermo International Airport 

  • Travel and health insurance

  • Visa (if needed)

  • Drinks, tips, souvenirs, etc.

Travel dates

  • 18-23 October 2024

  • Arrival at Palermo International airport latest 4pm on18 October

  • Departure from Palermo International Airport morning of 23 October

Tour price

  • Early bird price (per person - until 30 June 2024):       2480 EUR

  • Full price (per person - from 1 July 2024):                  2680 EUR

  • Single room supplement:                                         250 EUR             


What are the exact dates?

The experience takes place18-23 October 2024. Arrival at Palermo International airport is at 4pm on18 October at the latest, departure from Palermo is in the morning of 23 October.

Which airport shall I or we fly to?

Please book your flights to Palermo International Airport. Do NOT book your flights to Catania, as this is on the other side of the island!!!

What will the dental lectures be about?

Please check the above section on dental lectures to get more details.

Can I receive AGD/Pace credits?

The program is in line with AGD/Pace credits (where accepted).


What is the language of the lectures and the overall tour?

The language of the lectures and the overall event is English. We will however be able to offer AI based translation devices.

Can I bring my partner or a friend?

You are more than welcome to bring your spouse, partner, family or friends.

Can I bring my children?

If they are over 12 years of age, you are most welcome to bring your children. Please note that you or your partner would need to look after the children during the lectures as there is no kids program. 

What is the price for the accompanying travellers?

The participation fee is the same for every attendant, no matter if you are a dental professional, accompanying partner or child. During the two mornings of the dental lectures, the participating partners and children can enjoy the hotel facilities or join additional activities that we will offer like guided walks, sports sessions, Italian language sessions, mindfulness coaching, etc.

What will my partner / friend do while I am attending the lectures?

The dental lectures will take place on 19/20 October from 8:00 - 14:00. During this time, your accompanying partners are welcome to enjoy the hotel facilities, go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, take a rest and simply enjoy the time in the sun. As the lectures will be held at the hotel, breakfast and lunch can be taken together.

Will I need a visa?

Sicily is and island on the southernmost tip of Italy, therefore it is part of Europe. If you need a visa to enter the EU, please check:

What will temperatures be like in Sicily in October?

In mid-October, Sicily typically experiences pleasant temperatures. You can expect daytime temperatures to range from around 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). However, it's always a good idea to check closer to your travel dates for the most accurate forecast, as weather patterns can change. Generally, mid-October is a great time to visit Sicily, with comfortable temperatures perfect for outdoor activities and exploration.

By when shall I make my booking?

The sooner the better as slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Also, the early bird rate only runs until 30 June 2024.


How can I secure my slot(s)?

Simply click on the bottom below and register via the online registration form.


I have more questions...

No problem, just send a message to and we will get in touch.

What are the next steps?

Secure your slot and get ready to go on this incredible experience



Organiser of this tour is the award winning boutique travel agency and long standing partner of Ultradent Products, Sonnenkind Pte Ltd with offices in Singapore and Kitzbühel, Austria.


Sonnenkind is known for their unforgettable experiences and regularly featured in international media.


Sonnenkind are trusted by the best, working for top level brands like Leica Camera, Land Rover or Ultradent.

CEO Sonja Piontek and long standing partner Andi Merkel are looking forward to welcoming you in Sicily!

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